We are looking for two postdoctoral fellows to work on computational analysis of the evolution of gene regulation in Drosophila. Click here for more info
Recent Papers
Discordance of gene and species trees in Drosophila
Large-scale turnover of functional transcription-factor binding sites in Drosophila

Microarray and Genomics Sites

www.microarrays.org: microarray protocols and software for analaysis of microarray data

Coworkers and Collaborators

Pat Brown's Lab at Stanford: Where it all began, and still happens.

Joe DeRisi's Lab at UCSF: "The Man" - author of MGuide (build it yourself DNA microarrayer), and purveyor of other fine genomics experiments.

Stanford Genomic Resources : Home of SGD and Stanford Microarray Database

Jonathan Eisen at TIGR: The other Eisen. Comparative bacterial genomics.