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Recent Papers
Discordance of gene and species trees in Drosophila
Large-scale turnover of functional transcription-factor binding sites in Drosophila
Web-based Tools for Data for Analyses

We are in the process of putting many of our in-house software tools and scripts on the web for use by the public. Many more will be available soon. Please send any comments and suggestions to Michael Eisen.

Genome Analysis Tools

CIS-ANALYST: A tool for finding clustered transcription factor binding sites in the Drosophila genome.

Microarray Analysis Tools

CLUSTERMAP(currently unavailable): A tool to map your yeast gene expression data onto clusters of publicly available data.

Miscellaneous Tools

BLASTPEP: A simple simple program to search for sequences in a database that match multiple query peptide sequences. It runs blast separately for each query peptide and returns matches that occur repeatedly. It was designed to find sequences matching peptides from MassSpec analysis where the source organism's genome sequence is not yet available.

FlyCatcher: A program that extracts orthologous D.Pse sequences given D.Mel coordinates.

Silent Site Selector: A program that designs oligos for site directed mutagenesis.